“pocketBlakus” - solo cello virtual instrument for Kontakt and HALion

Q & A

What is it?

pocketBlakus is a sampled, expressive solo cello virtual instrument for Kontakt* 4.2.4 or higher (v.1.6). There is also a version available for HALion** (v.1.5).

Features at a glance (Kontakt version) :

  •  Expressive sustains with progressive vibrato
  •  Expressive sustains triggered by playing velocities >90
  •  Simulated legato patch - using SIPS scripts. Easily customizeable.
  •  Basic release samples & mod control

How do I install/use this?

Just download and extract the .zip file and manually locate the instrument via the Kontakt "File" browser pane.

Do I need the full version of Kontakt?

pocketBlakus will work for a limited time only in the free Kontakt Player.

Will there be more updates?

The download links on this page point to the latest version. Blakus has recently teamed up with Embertone to release a new V.I. of his cello. To find out more about the latest developments, please check this thread at the V.I.-Control.net Forum.

Where can I get help and/or make suggestions ?

This thread on V.I Control.net is where you can post all of your questions, feedback - and your creations with this instrument... Blakus would love to hear them!



How much does it cost?

At the time of writing, pocketBlakus is freeware.

Can I use this in my work? Which type of license applies?

pocketBlakus is licensed to you for commercial and non-commercial use; but you may not use it to create any other sample instrument or library of any kind without Blakus' express consent. This instrument is the result of a collaboration between multiple authors who have generously shared their work with the composers/musicians community at V.I.-Control.net. However, the audio recordings and scripts in this software remain their intellectual property.

(*/**) "Kontakt" and "HALion" are registered trademarks of Native Instruments GmbH and Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, respectively.


quot ...what you've created here, as simple as it is, is brilliant.
– KMuzzey, V.I. Control Senior Member
Pocketblakus Cello now sits in my orchestral template together with commercial libraries and more than often it stands above them - Way to go!
– Arceo, V.I. Control Senior Member
I just wanted to say... I love you guys (Blakus and others who are contributing)... This thing is absolute beauty.

– sherief83, V.I. Control Senior Member
download Download pocketBlakus 1.6 for Kontakt download Download pocketBlakus 1.5 for HALion

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